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Social Distancing Easy Read

Social Distancing

What you need to know.

This page contains information to help you to understand social distancing.

The text on this page is in an Easy to Read format.

Always follow official health advice.

Key Facts

Social distancing means having to stay away from other people.

  • Distance means the space between things or people.
  • Social means when people are with one another.

You may be asked by an official person to avoid other people.

An official person is someone like a doctor, health worker or the Police.

The government may say that social distancing must happen.

Everyone should follow official advice.

This may happen to stop the spread of disease.

This is to stop illness passing from person to person.

This is to help you and others.

It is to keep everyone safe.

What should I do?

Avoid shaking hands with other people.

Do not hug, kiss or touch other people.

Keep a distance of about 2 metres from other people.

2 metres is about the height of an adult.

Only go out if it is urgent.

An urgent reason might be to get food, medicine or help.

If possible you should stay at home.

If you go outside keep a safe distance from others.

How will this affect me?

Your day to day life may be very different.

Places like pubs, cafes and shops may be closed.

Groups, clubs and day centres may be closed.

Schools and colleges may be closed.

If you have a job you may need to work at home.

You might not be able to use public transport.

You will not be able to visit family or friends.

Avoid places with groups of people.

Even avoid small groups at yours or other peoples homes.

Staying at home can be lonely.

It can also affect mental health.

Social distancing will not last forever.

You can stay happy and healthy at home.

Why does social distancing work?

It can reduce disease spreading to new people.

You may not know you are infected.

It can lower the chances of you spreading it to others.

If can also reduce the chance of ill people spreading it to you.

It lowers the chance of infected people spreading a disease.

Social Contact

There are many ways to keep in touch with others.

Call friends and family using the telephone.

You can make video calls to friends or family using

Social media can help you to keep in touch too.

Popular social media are sites on the internet like

You can also voice and video call using WhatsApp.

Remember to stay safe online.


You may hear or read about social distancing and Coronavirus at the same time.

Learn about Coronavirus here.


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