Easy Read Document Training Online Or In Person

Full Staff Training

We will train your staff to:

  • Plan and create Easy Read documents and resources.
  • Professionally apply Plain Language techniques.
  • Be compliant, inclusive and person-centred in their approach.

Develop your talent and keep their skills current.

What we offer:

  • A full or half day programme of intensive training.
  • Tailored to your organisation, group or company needs.
  • Engaging learning materials, practical activities and resources.
  • Information, advice and guidance on applicable laws & regulations.
  • Learn about current regional and international best practice.
  • Understand and apply important Easy Read design principles.
  • Apply learning to a ‘real’ project you can use.
  • A bespoke toolkit for your organisation if you wish.
  • High quality hardcopy and digital training materials for learners.
  • An annual refresher session at a competitive and fair rate.
  • The choice of in person or remote training via Zoom, Teams or Skype.

Did you know we also produce Easy Read documents?