What are Easy Read documents? Where can I buy Easy Read documents?

What is Easy Read?

Easy Read is a way of presenting information so that it can be better understood.

It is sometime referred to as;

  • Easier To Read.
  • Easier Information.
  • Accessible Information.
  • Simple Words And Pictures.
  • Easier to understand information.
  • Easy write.
  • Easy info.
  • Easy Access.

It is a way of making information easier to understand for people with Learning Disabilities and those with additional needs.

The purpose of Easy Read is to enable people with learning disabilities to access and understand information.

Easy Read is not just changing an existing document into ‘simpler’ language.

Easy Read versions should focus on the main points of a document so that people can better understand and make decisions from them.

Access to information that is easier to understand helps people to make better choices.

It also helps people with learning disabilities to achieve a more equal role in society.

Everyone should be able to access and understand information that affects their everyday lives.

Not every person with a learning disability is able to use Easy Read.  Those individuals may require assistance from their support workers or carers to access information.

Importantly, Easy Read documents may not always be the most suitable format, as some people may also require information in alternative accessible formats.


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