Best Practice & The Law

All projects are completed in line with guidelines set at both regional and international level.

We tailor all formats & materials to:

  1. The needs of end users / intended audience.
  2. Client / organisational expectations.
  3. Applicable regulations, guidelines and accepted best practice.


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UK, Europe & Rest Of The World:

In the United Kingdom the Accessible Information Standard is a legal requirement.

The NHS and adult social care organisations must ensure people get information in a way they can use and understand.

The Equality Act (England, Scotland & Wales) & Disability Discrimination Act (Northern Ireland) is law that requires accessible information be made available to disabled people. refers to NHS guidance on The Accessible Information Standard in the production of all work.

Learn more about the standards here.  

For our customers in the Republic of Ireland we apply the ‘Customer Communications Toolkit for the Public Service’ as means of best practice.

Details about the toolkit can be found here.

In Europe  we work to the principles defined by ‘Inclusion Europe

We can provide additional support in satisfying the conditions to display the European ‘Easy-To-Read’ logo should your needs require it.

Where a European member state has national guidelines or best practice, we will work to implement them.

If your project falls within the jurisdiction of any other country, please contact us to discuss your needs.


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We work routinely to satisfy in-house and external legal scrutiny.

If you require a robust legal review of work undertaken before it is released, please contact us to discuss your needs. has access to professional legal support on a consultancy basis should you require this quality assurance service.


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We actively encourage and promote service user involvement in the work that we do.

We are eager to work with preferred focus groups, citizen panels or service user forums in the creation and validation of work undertaken.

As means of a reference point, works to the principles outlined within NHS Practitioner Resources, related specifically to User Involvement. [SOURCE]

If you do not have active service user involvement, then will connect you to an appropriate network.

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