Easy Read Brexit

Easy Read Brexit

What does Brexit mean?

Brexit means British Exit.

What is Britain leaving?

Britain is leaving the EU.

EU means European Union.

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What is the EU?

There are 28 EU Countries.

They each try to work together.

This work would be things like:

  • Buying and selling to each other.
  • Letting people travel to any EU country.
  • To share ideas.
  • To be peaceful with one another.
  • To make sure everyone is treated fairly.
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Why is Britain leaving the EU?

The public voted in 2016.

Everyone had a chance to vote.

You could vote to leave or to stay.

Leave had the most votes.

Britain chose to leave.

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Britain should have left the EU in March 2019.

Britain will now leave the EU on 31st October 2019.

Britain and the EU have to agree a deal.

This deal will say how Britain will leave.

This deal is not yet agreed.

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Britain may leave with no deal.

If no deal is agreed, it may cause problems.

It could mean some food is harder to find.

It might make it harder to get some medication.

You can see a full list by clicking here.

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How else may it affect me?

The UK will not be a part of the European Accessibility Act.

  • These laws are to make sure everyday tasks are easier for people with a disability.
  • For example, how a website works or being able to use a cash machine.

Human Rights laws are not part of the EU.

But, Britain could makes its own choice if it wished to keep these rights.

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How should I prepare for Brexit?

Think about:

  • Your food supply and how much it costs.
  • Will your meal service be affected?
  • How much medicine do you have?
  • Is your paid Carer from an EU country?
  • What health services do you depend upon?
  • Do you depend on electricity for health devices?
  • Do you need fuel for a vehicle to get around or get help?
  • How safe and secure you and your home are.
  • Which friends and family can help you in an emergency.


Getting Ready for Brexit – What Disabled People & Carers Need to Do

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