easy read online shopping

Food Shopping Online – Easy Read Version

Food Shopping Online How to buy food using the internet. This page has information to help you to know how to use an online shop. The text on this page is in an Easy to Read format. You may need to use an online supermarket if you cannot leave your home. It is safe to buy your shopping online. You […]

Easy Read Social Distancing

Social Distancing Easy Read

Social Distancing What you need to know. This page contains information to help you to understand social distancing. The text on this page is in an Easy to Read format. Always follow official health advice. Key Facts Social distancing means having to stay away from other people. Distance means the space between things or people. […]

Washing Hands Coronavirus Easy Read

Coronavirus Easy Read

Key Facts Coronavirus is a virus. A virus can make you sick or unwell. A virus can cause an illness. This illness was not seen before December 2019. It was first found in a city called Wuhan in China. By March 2020 the virus had spread to over 60 countries. The illness has passed from […]